How to Conserve Fresh Water


Whilst most of us have unlimited access to taps with fresh water, water isn’t actually a never ending resource, and over the years, we’ve become accustomed to using more and more of it.

But the idea of water running out is a terrifying one, and one that could become a reality if we keep going as we are. The world might be full of water, but the majority of the w

orld’s supply is saltwater, which takes a lot of time and money to make drinkable.


There isn’t nearly as much fresh water in the world, so how can we do our best to conserve as much fresh water as we can?

Be selective with your garden plants

We all love to have beautiful gardens, but some plants can require huge amounts of water to keep healthy, and there are other uses for our precious water supply that we should prioritise above landscaping.

That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all the plants in your garden, you should just choose plants that are more suited to your environment, and perhaps ones that can survive mainly from natural rainfall. That way, you won’t need to use too much water to keep your garden looking lively.

Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth


It’s easy to leave the tap running whilst you brush your teeth, but every second it’s on you’re wasting a whole lot of water, especially if you’ve got the tap on full blast.

Most people stick to the two-minute rule when brushing their teeth, so if you think that with every second the tap is on, water is going to waste, think about how much water two minutes of tap running wastes. Too much!

So turn the tap off whilst brushing, and just turn it on when you need to rinse your brush.

Use low pressure show heads


Power showers are many people’s guilty pleasures, but they use ridiculous amounts of water. Low pressure shower heads will use half the amount of water, and will still be good enough for you to wash under.

Power showers are an unnecessary luxury, and shower heads can easily be replaced with ones that will filter less water through, ones that are better for the environment.

If you like to relax in long showers, you can feel less guilty about doing so with an eco shower head, as even a longer shower under one of these won’t use as much water as a power shower.